Copic Paper Selections Gasen-Shi Soft Watercolor Paper A4, 5Pcs

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Gasen-shi is a general term for the paper used in calligraphy. It is very easy to achieve a soft finish with its surface since the ink easily soaks into it. To enjoy the characteristics of Gasen-shi without worrying about ink bleed-throughs, we offer Copic Paper Selections Gasen-shi Soft Watercolor Paper, which is fully bleed-proof and allows you to draw on both sides of the sheet.

This is a high-quality Japanese washi paper that allows for a watercolor painting effect. The inks applied on this paper spread beautifully, but do not bleed through the sheets. Perfect for Sumi-e (brush-ink painting) or Japanese calligraphy-like expression.

  • Pack includes 5 sheets.
  • Size: A4 size (298x210x2mm).
  • Weight: 59g.
  • Thickness: 100g/m2.