Ink Refills

Refilling Reimagined. Quality, longevity and sustainability have been part of the Copic DNA ever since the launch in 1987. In fact, the very first Copic marker was designed to be refillable and thanks to our users worldwide the brand has significantly reduced plastic waste for decades.

To encourage even more refilling we have now released our next generation Copic Ink, the new design enables quick and clean refills with precision and control, the long nozzle also multitasks for easy ink art application.

Copic Ink is water-free and quick-drying and can be used for airbrush work or classic sketching and drawing with pen and brushes.


Copic Ink – Designed to Last a Lifetime

Club Copicana is the name of quality and longevity for every product, and we bring you high-quality Copic ink refills with the same promise. Since every marker was designed as a refillable product, there is a demand for Copic ink among users.

With the release of a new range of Copic ink, we encourage precise and easy refills. That is why we bring you a range of high-quality pigment-based Copic Ink Refills. These refills not only enable a clean and effortless fill-up but are also environmentally friendly (reduced plastic wastage). The long nozzle also enables multitasking for accessible ink applications.

All colors in the Copic Ink range are water-free and quick-drying. You can use it effectively for airbrush work or traditional sketching using a pen and brushes. Your artwork will never cease to amaze you since there is no shortage of ink refills.

Some of the Categories We Have

Feel free to browse through our gallery and choose the refill of your choice. We will deliver it to your doorstep accordingly. Our delivery spans all across Canada and USA.