Copic Ciao marker is the ideal introductory graphic marker made with professional quality alcohol and dye-based ink. Its double ended design features a super flexible nib as well as a medium broad nib for expressive strokes, finer details and lines, and large streak free coverage. Both end caps have been perforated with the safety of children in mind. Refillable, ultra blendable and available in a range of 180 colors.


High-Quality Genuine Copic Ciao Markers at Club Copicana

Copic Ciao marker is a range of budget-friendly markers aimed at beginners and children. The design of Ciao markers is suitable for coloring and blending with the same chisel and brush nibs of other marker types. Ciao markers have limited color variety and have small ink capacity compared to different Copic marker types but offer the same high-quality results. Ciao Markers have a very lightweight round barrel, giving it the feel of a pencil or pen.

A beneficial feature of Copic Ciao markers is that their nibs are child-proof, meaning that they do not block the airway if a child swallows one.

The Ciao markers range is an introductory product mostly purchased in bulk by schools with capsizes best for small hands.

Ciao Copic Marker Sets and Color Variety

We have various colors, and Ciao Copic marker sets available at Club Copicana that you can purchase. These include:


  • Ciao Sets
  • Ciao Tone Sets (6 Pcs)
  • Doodle Kits

Color Variety (for Individual Markers)

  • Blue Greens and Violets
  • Red Violets
  • Cool greys
  • Earth
  • Yellow Greens and Reds
  • Individual Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red
  • Many others

You can browse through our online store to select the Copic marker of your choice, and we will deliver it to your doorstep. Our delivery service is all across Canada and US.