Copic Individual Sketch Markers - Earth Colors

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Copic Sketch markers are a popular working tool for design, illustration and fine art. They are refillable, ergonomic, ultra blendable and made with the highest grade of expertly formulated non-toxic alcohol and dye-based inks. The dual replaceable nibs makes then versatile and easy to use. The Super Brush nib is ideal for shading and blending while the Medium Broad chisel nib allows for large coverage and various marks.

Copic Sketch covers the brand's full spectrum of 358 colors, and the caps feature color codes for easy navigation. In this collection you will find:

  • Baked Clay (E99) CMSK18IP99
  • Deep Orange (E97) CMSK18IP97
  • Tea Orange (E95) CMSK18IP95
  • Tea Rose (E93) CMSK18IP93
  • Pecan (E89) CMSK18IP89
  • Fig (E87) CMSK18IP87
  • Khaki (E84) CMSK18IP84
  • Ivory (E81) CMSK18IP81
  • Cashew (E79) CMSK18IP79
  • Maroon (E77) CMSK18IP77
  • Cocoa Brown (E74) CMSK18IP74
  • Champagne (E71) CMSK18IP71
  • Ash Rose (E70) CMSK18IP70
  • Walnut (E59) CMSK18IP59
  • Light Walnut (E57) CMSK18IP57
  • Light Camel (E55) CMSK18IP55
  • Raw Silk (E53) CMSK18IP53
  • Milky White (E51) CMSK18IP51
  • Egg Shell (E50) CMSK18IP50
  • Dark Bark (E49) CMSK18IP49
  • Dark Brown (E47) CMSK18IP47
  • Clay (E44) CMSK18IP44
  • Dull Ivory (E43) CMSK18IP43
  • Sand White (E42) CMSK18IP42
  • Pearl White (E41) CMSK18IP41
  • Brick White (E40) CMSK18IP40
  • Leather (E39) CMSK18IP39
  • Sepia (E37) CMSK18IP37
  • Chamois (E35) CMSK18IP35
  • Toast (E34) CMSK18IP34
  • Sand (E33) CMSK18IP33
  • Brick Beige (E31) CMSK18IP31
  • Bisque (E30) CMSK18IP30
  • Burnt Umber (E29) CMSK18IP29
  • Milk Chocolate (E27) CMSK18IP27
  • Caribe Cocoa (E25) CMSK18IP25
  • Hazelnut (E23) CMSK18IP23
  • Soft Sun (E21) CMSK18IP21
  • Redwood (E19) CMSK18IP19
  • Copper (E18) CMSK18IP18
  • Reddish Brass (E17) CMSK18IP17
  • Dark Suntan (E15) CMSK18IP15
  • Light Suntan (E13) CMSK18IP13
  • Barley Beige (E11) CMSK18IP11
  • Burnt Sienna (E09) CMSK18IP09
  • Brown (E08) CMSK18IP08
  • Light Mahogany (E07) CMSK18IP07
  • Lipstick Natural (E04) CMSK18IP04
  • Fruit Pink (E02) CMSK18IP02
  • Pink Flamingo (E01) CMSK18IP01
  • Floral White (E0000) CMSK18IPX4
  • Pale Fruit Pink (E000) CMSK18IPX3
  • Cotton Pearl (E00) CMSK18IPX2