Copic Ink Refills - Blues

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Next generation Copic Ink, with a new design that enables quick and clean refills with precision and control, and allows for easy readability and measuring of ink amount. The cap has improved air tightness and a ridge for easy opening and no rolling.

Copic Ink is water-free and quick-drying and can be used for airbrush work or classic sketching and drawing with pen and brushes. Ink refills are suitable for Sketch, CIAO, Wide and Classic Copic markers.

The dyed caps with engraved codes allow for easy color identification. In this collection you will find:

  • Agate (B99), CMIN15IP99
  • Night Blue (B97), CMIN15IP97
  • Light Grayish Cobalt (B95), CMIN15IP95
  • Light Crockery Blue (B93), CMIN15IP93
  • Pale Grayish Blue (B91), CMIN15IP91
  • Iris (B79), CMIN15IP79
  • Strato Blue (B69), CMIN15IP69
  • Clemantis (B66), CMIN15IP66
  • Light Hydrangea (B63), CMIN15IP63
  • Pale Blue Gray (B60), CMIN15IP60
  • Soft Greenish Blue (B52), CMIN15IP52
  • Smoky Blue (B45), CMIN15IP45
  • Powder Blue (B41), CMIN15IP41
  • Prussian Blue (B39), CMIN15IP39
  • Antwerp Blue (B37), CMIN15IP37
  • Manganese Blue (B34), CMIN15IP34
  • Pale Blue (B32), CMIN15IP32
  • Ultramarine (B29), CMIN15IP29
  • Royal Blue (B28), CMIN15IP28
  • Cobalt Blue (B26), CMIN15IP26
  • Sky (B24), CMIN15IP24
  • Phthalo Blue (B23), CMIN15IP23
  • Baby Blue (B21), CMIN15IP21
  • Lapis Lazuli (B18), CMIN15IP18
  • Cyanine Blue (B16), CMIN15IP16
  • Light Blue (B14), CMIN15IP14
  • Ice Blue (B12), CMIN15IP12
  • Peacock Blue (B06), CMIN15IP06
  • Process Blue (B05), CMIN15IP05
  • Tahitian Blue (B04), CMIN15IP04
  • Robins Egg Blue (B02), CMIN15IP02
  • Mint Blue (B01), CMIN15IP01
  • Pale Porcelain Blue (B000), CMIN15IPX3
  • Frost Blue (B00), CMIN15IPX2