Copic Multiliner Fine Nib Ink Pens

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Copic Multiliner Fine Nib pens are great for sketching and drawing. They allow for incredible detail and are compatible with Copic markers. Their pigment-based ink is water and alcohol resistant, it will not blur or fade, and has a consistent flow ideal for all types of sketching and illustration.

Available in a variety of nib sizes and colors:

  • Brown, 0.05mm, CMML17IP05
  • Warm Gray, 0.5mm, CMML13IP50
  • Warm Gray, 0.3mm, CMML13IP30
  • Warm Gray, 0.1mm, CMML13IP10
  • Warm Gray, 0.03mm, CMML13IP03
  • Cool Gray, 0.03mm, CMML12IP03
  • Sepia, 0.03mm, CMML11IP03
  • Black, 0.03mm, CMML10IP03
  • Olive, 0.5mm, CMML16IP50
  • Olive, 0.3mm, CMML16IP30
  • Olive, 0.1mm, CMML16IP10
  • Olive, 0.05mm, CMML16IP05
  • Cobalt, 0.5mm, CMML15IP50
  • Cobalt, 0.3mm, CMML15IP30
  • Cobalt, 0.1mm, CMML15IP01
  • Cobalt, 0.05mm, CMML15IP05
  • Wine, 0.5mm, CMML14IP50
  • Wine, 0.3mm, CMML14IP30
  • Wine, 0.1mm, CMML14IP10
  • Wine, 0.05mm, CMML14IP05
  • Cool Gray, 0.5mm, CMML12IP50
  • Sepia, 0.5mm, CMML11IP50
  • Black, 1.0mm, CMML10IP00
  • Black, 0.8mm, CMML10IP80
  • Black, 0.5mm, CMML10IP50
  • Black, 0.3mm, CMML10IP30
  • Black, 0.1mm, CMML10IP10
  • Black, 0.05mm, CMML10IP05
  • Cool Gray, 0.3mm, CMML12IP30
  • Cool Gray, 0.1mm, CMML12IP10
  • Cool Gray, 0.05mm, CMML12IP05
  • Sepia, 0.05mm, CMML11IP05
  • Sepia, 0.3mm, CMML11IP30
  • Sepia, 0.1mm, CMML11IP10