Copic Classic Spare Nibs

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These replacement nibs for Copic Classic markers are perfect to refresh your markers if their tips become worn or frayed, or even use them to mix colors and not staining the original tip. These nibs are for use with Copic Classic markers ONLY.

  • Standard Broad, 10Pcs: Durable chiseled broad nib, exclusive for Copic Classic markers. Allows for slightly wider marks than the Medium Broad nib in Copic Sketch or Ciao. Ideal to cover large areas and to create a variety of marks in different widths by adjusting the angle of the nib.
  • Semi Broad, 10Pcs: The Copic Semi Broad nib is designed for the Copic Classic marker only. These nibs are perfect for creating smooth lines in your creations and is the perfect choice for a medium-width chisel nib. 
  • Brush, 3Pcs: Made for Classic markers, these flexible tips provide paint-brush like strokes and a varied line weight depending on how much pressure you apply. Allows you to customize and enjoy the comfort and benefits of drawing with a Super Brush nib without having to purchase additional markers.
  • Standard Fine, 10Pcs: A fine nib exclusive to Copic Classic. Allows you to draw very thin lines with sharp precision.
  • Calligraphy 5mm, 10Pcs: These Copic Classic Marker Calligraphy Nibs allow you to achieve different effects in your artwork. The nibs will fit onto the broad end of your Copic Classic Markers, allowing you to use your favourite shades to create impressive strokes.