Copic Multiliner SP Spare Nibs

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These replacement nibs for Copic Multiliner SP Pens are perfect to refresh your pens if their tips become worn or damaged. Copic Multiliner SP Replacement Nibs are precision plastic nibs in a steel housing. Unlike most replacement nibs that puncture an ink cartridge and draw up liquid ink, the Copic Multiliner SP replacement nibs have a long filament that draws the ink up from the ink cartridge. The cartridge itself has a fiber stopper that prevents the ink from dripping or spilling out and the filament at the base of the nib dips through the fiber stopper to draw the ink up into the nib.

Now you can continue using your favorite Multiliner SP pen without having to replace the entire tool. When your tip begins to show signs of wear and tear, simply replace with this easy-to-use nib. These nibs are for use with Copic Multiliner SP pens ONLY.

  • 0.05mm, 2Pcs.
  • 0.1mm, 2Pcs.
  • 0.2mm, 2Pcs.
  • 0.25mm, 2Pcs.
  • 0.3mm, 1Pc.
  • 0.35mm, 1Pc.
  • 0.5mm, 1Pc.
  • 0.7mm, 1Pc.
  • Brush Small (S), 1Pc.