Copic Multiliner SP Nib Changer & Ink Refiller

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Replace worn nibs and insert refill cartridges in Copic Multiliner SP pens quickly and easily. One end is for nibs, the other for refill cartridges. Copic Multiliner SP are the finest quality waterproof, inking pens available in a variety of sizes, and unlike the standard Multiliners they are refillable with replaceable nibs.

The Multiliner SP Nib changer tool makes changing the ink cartridges so much easier. All you need to do is pop out the cartridge to be replaced and slide in the new one. Meaning you never have to throw away a whole pen again.

  • Easily remove old or damaged Multiliner SP nibs.
  • Can be used to change empty ink cartridges.
  • It has a small end which allows you to lever out the old nib so you can insert the new one.
  • Suitable for Copic Multiliner SP pens ONLY.