Copic Color Swatch Cards, 14Pcs

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Keep track of your Copic marker collection with this set of Copic Color Swatch cards, made of acid-free Premium Bond Paper and with chart boxes that you can fill in to create swatches of your Copic markers. The cards come with a protective case which makes them easy to carry and store.

Each color code and name are indicated on the swatch boxes, so you can use your Copic Color Swatch Cards to plan your scheme and as a guide to track which colors you own and which to purchase next.

The cards are made of Copic Premium Bond paper, which is great for color blending. By layering in 3 steps you can see the color gradient and versatility of each Copic marker.

  • Designed to be used with all 358 Copic colors and come in a durable plastic case with instructions for use.
  • Cards feature a swatch grid with color numbers arranged from left to right, allowing you to create a color gradation with corresponding Copic markers.
  • Pack contains 14 color swatch cards, 1 underlay plain card, and 1 card case made of polypropylene plastic.
  • Size: 205 × 110mm.
  • Material: Copic Premium Bond Paper.