Copic Drawing Pen

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The Copic Drawing Pen is a special pen that gives you the feel of a classic fountain or dip pen in a convenient format. The pen allows for a variety of line sizes by changing the writing pressure. It has a stainless steel tip that is ideal for inking and drawing. Also ideal for drawing manga manuscripts, illustration and writing.

With pigment-based ink which is water and alcohol resistant and ideal to use with Copic markers. The ink will not blur or fade and the flow is consistent making it ideal for all types of sketching and illustration. Available in black and sepia.

  • A user-friendly fountain pen with same ink as Copic Multiliners.
  • Always recap tightly after use. The pen will dry out if left uncapped.
  • If it isn't writing properly, check that the flow-channel is not clogged with fibers of paper.
  • To remove clogged fibers, pull away the tip from the pen and wipe gently with paper towels.
  • Never shake the pen because the ink may leak out.
  • Test the pen until the ink flows smoothly.
  • Not recommended for use with watercolors.