Copic Sketch Marker Sets

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Start or expand your Copic Sketch collection with readily curated sets with color combinations that are suitable for blending and achieving professional results. The acrylic case keeps the markers organized and displayed for easy navigation and planning the perfect blends and color schemes.

  • 36 Pcs, CMSK32ST0A: A comprehensive starter set for design and comic illustration, includes a wide gray scale selection and basic colors.
  • 72 Pcs A, CMSK33ST0A: A wide selection of basic colors commonly used in design and illustration. The set includes popular vivid colors, blending shades and essential grays.
  • 72 Pcs B, CMSK33STB2: A well-balanced set with shades from every color family and a colorless blender. It covers a wide variety of earth colors, ideal for portrait illustration and manga drawing.
  • 72 Pcs C, CMSK33ST0C: A great starter set for many fields of illustration and design, covers the widest selection of grays of the 72 sets along with bright vivid colors and blending shades.
  • 72 Pcs D, CMSK33ST0D: A wide selection with emphasis on natural, muddy and earthy colors. Also includes a variety of light shades from the 000 blending group which enables an extensive range of expression and professional results.
  • 72 Pcs E, CMSK33ST0E: A perfect set for any color illustration and crafts. Contains a broad range of 000 light blending shades, wine-colors and natural colors.
  • 12 Pcs Basic, CMSK30ST0A: A starter set including essential basic shades and vibrant primary colors.
  • 12 Pcs Cool Grey, CMSK30STCG: A wide selection of gray shades with a hint of blue for a cool and crisp effect. Recommended for metal effects.
  • 24 Pcs Manga Illustration, CMSK34STMG: Combines vibrant colors with matching blending shades and a selection of skin color tones. The unique pale colors allow gradation and blending with great results.
  • 12 Pcs Warm Grey, CMSK30STWG: A wide selection of gray shades with a hint of brown for a natural and warm result.