Copic Sketch Tone Marker Sets (6 Pc)

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Start or expand your Copic Sketch collection with readily curated sets with color combinations that are suitable for blending to achieve professional results. Each set includes 6 markers, specially designed for a specific purpose:

  • Bold Primaries, CMSK29STBP: Focused on lighter-tone primary colors: 100, B29, E29, G28, R27 and Y15.
  • Blending Basics, CMSK29STBB: This set includes a combination of very light colors, B0000, N1, RV10, Y0000, 0 blender and a black 0.3 Multiliner SP pen. Perfect for blending and sketching.
  • Earth Essentials, CMSK29STEE: This set includes curated colors of the earth; blues, browns and yellow-greens: B41, B45, E34, E39, YG13 and YG17. A great companion to the Sea & Sky set.
  • Floral Favorites II, CMSK29STF2: This set includes blue and pink tones with a splash of yellow: RV23, RV25, RV29, B63, B66 and YR21. Great for creating vibrant landscapes.
  • Floral Favorites I, CMSK29STF1: Includes rosy colors with a splash of yellow-green: R01, RV13, RV69, V05, YG41 and YG45. A great way to begin adding floral colors to your Copic collection.
  • Perfect Primaries, CMSK29STPP: This set focuses on lighter-tone Primaries colors: R43, R46, Y13, Y19, B00 and B04. A great companion to the Bold Primaries set and a must for your Copic marker collection.
  • Secondary Tones, CMSK29ST02: Includes mid-tone and dark values of the secondary colors: G02, G09, V04, V09, YR61 and YR68. The perfect companion to the Bold Primaries set.
  • Sea & Sky, CMSK29STSS: A combination of blue and blue-green colors, B24, B28, BG10, BG13, BG72 and BG78. Perfect for creating oceanic scenes and water illustrations.
  • Greys, CMSK29STGR: This Sketching Grays set includes a combination of neutral gray colors N0, N2, N4, N6, N8 and a black 0.5 Multiliner SP pen. Perfect for sketching, designing and illustrating.
  • Pale Pastels: This 6 piece set includes Pale Pastel colors BG11, BG15, BV0000, BV01, YR12 and YR31. The ideal set to get started with light-tone colors and great for crafters and springtime illustrations. 
  • Portrait: This 6 piece Portrait set includes a combination of the earth-tone colors E000, E00, E11, E15, E18, E93. This set is specifically curated for drawing people, but can also be used for landscapes.